Buying Brand New Washing Machine. Important Factors You Should Considered.

Buying Brand New Washing Machine. Important Factors You Should Considered.

In Buying a brand new washer, like any other home appliance and electronics, there are important factors that should be considered. Every home has a different requirements and priorities depending on their needs. As this concerns our care for our clothes, we need to have extra concern when shopping.

There are various washing machines available in the market today. However, the front-loading machines are the most popular as it offers a more gentle process of cleaning delicate clothes. Plus, front loaders are more efficient and more silent than top loaders. Other advantages of front loaders are:

  • Efficient. Uses less energy and water
  • Can be used with low-sudding detergent
  • Has more washing capacity than top loaders, usually 3.5-4 cubic feet.
  • The wash baskets are made of stainless steel, more durable for large washing capacities.
  • It has more washing cycles than top loaders and can also begin cycle at a time set. Usually a front loader has 13-15 washing cycles.

On the other hand, most top loaders have the following advantages and features.

  • Offers a quality washing at less value
  • Easier to load and you can stop the washing cycle in the middle of operation to add laundry
  • Works best with regular detergent soap
  • Has 7-10 regular washing cycles and some top loaders have a washing capacity of 3 3.5 cubic feet.
  • Some top loaders have different water levels and water temperatures
  • Also come with dispensers for bleach and fabric conditioner

If you have limited space, there are models that are more compact and space saving. Some models are only 23 inches, several inches smaller than most models available. However, the washing capacity is usually 3 cubic feet.

Also, check the material of the wash basket. While stainless steel is the recommended built, plastic and porcelain are not bad materials. Stainless steel wash baskets can stand fast spinning speeds. The speed of spinning determines the amount of water removed from the cloth. The more water that is removed from your clothes, the less the time you need to dry them.

Also research on the maintenance required. A machine with a lint trap is good as it can save more time and energy. If you are allergic to soap residue, find a washer with more washing and rinse cycles. Lastly, check the warranty of the washer. An extra warranty can cover repairs whenever your purchased washer needs one.

Try to remember that in buying any home appliance or electronics, it is wise to read first.