What You Should Know About CD And DVD Duplication? Thin Line Between Duplication And Intellectual Piracy.

What You Should Know About CD And DVD Duplication? Thin Line Between Duplication And Intellectual Piracy.

For most people the utilization of their computers go far beyond the basic internet and word processing functions that computers for home use are usually built for. The extent of their usage goes as far as making the computer the central nerve of their business, some use it as a server for their personal webpage or as an ISP (internet service provider) for dial-up internet. And others use as the multimedia center for their households. And because of these new found roles that computer plays in our daily lives the idea of upgrading your computer system to a much more powerful piece of equipment is not far behind.

If you think you can run streaming videos, music and top everything with Dolby Pro Logic II surround sound on your built in sound card your are barking up the wrong tree. That won’t do! Anyway you use your computer would be up to you and you alone but if there is one other thing that you’ll be needing to transfer files, share documents, distribute photos, make music copy data discs and make copies of your musical compilations. Jobs like these will take up a huge amount of space and a floppy disk just won’t do the job for you.

The best possible way of you accomplishing this is by burning and duplicating CD’s for your personal use. Of course there is a very thin line between duplication and intellectual piracy. You wouldn’t like it if your car got stolen, you wouldn’t like it if your jewels got stolen and you wouldn’t like it if your ideas where stolen. That’s what piracy is all about, and purchasing songs and videos online isn’t bad if you’ve paid for it.

That’s there are useful websites on the internet that provide helpful information to people that are duplicating audio files and making themselves copies. These websites help us understand the difference between paying for audio or video files and making tangible copies of the things people pay for and the mass duplication for commercial purposes that other people do. These websites that have information on the services that allows us to do CD and DVD duplication also have the information regarding the penal equivalent of mass production through downloading.

These helpful insights will teach us who are the people that are really affected by ripping off other people’s music. But of course when you are mass producing a copy of a personal data file that you intend to distribute there is no need to worry about these things. Just as long as the contents are not taken of some other people’s writing.