Decoding Coffee. Exercise And Coffee Can Be Formidable Team That May Ensure Cancer Prevention.

Decoding Coffee. Exercise And Coffee Can Be Formidable Team That May Ensure Cancer Prevention.

Coffee is undoubtedly an important part of your day. It is like each page of the day’s happenings cannot be well inked without this beverage’s refreshing taste and aroma. In the morning it goes well with your favorite starters such as eggs, cereal, or oatmeal. You feel like every cell in your body is fully awakened with every sip.

For always on the go people who are stuck in traffic or in a busy commute even the rich flavorful smell can entice that sleepy and bored head. Your afternoons become bright from gray with just a simple cup of coffee. Truly it has worked miracles in helping some get through the day’s hustles and hardships. Yet there are still some misconceptions that are degrading this wonderful delight. Join me in my adventure and let’s decode coffee.

First on the list that will help you understand more facts about your favorite beverage is that enjoying three cups of coffee in a day can help in memory retention. Back in November 2005, a research team from Austria used MRI facilities to observe the effects of caffeinated coffee in terms of boosting a person’s memory and focus. It gave a positive outcome as the subjects given the amount of caffeine similar to that of about two cups of coffee showed signs of increased brain stimulation and activity. It was observed in the frontal lobe which handles a person’s memory and in the anterior area of the cingulum which concerns focus-related actions. Another study regarding a longer lasting effect of coffee particularly on women was published in The

Journal of American Academy of Neurology

This study ran for a period of four years where the subjects were rechecked on a two-year basis. Based on memory tests given, women aged 65 years and older who consumed three or more cups of coffee on a daily basis showed a 33 percent less chance of losing their memory as opposed to those who consumed just one cup per day. Moving on, exercise and coffee can be a formidable team that may ensure cancer prevention. Studies show that there can be a merging effect if you combine the two in your lifestyle. An animal research that was done showed promising results regarding the effects of the two on the development of pre-cancer cells. The pair can actually aid in their destruction. Next on the list is the belief that coffee can help you urinate easier as it is an effective diuretic. This is not really a proven fact.

Coffee can give you a little bit of an urge to go every now and then but the water consumption you have during those coffee sessions can very well compensate for the bathroom time. Another misconception is that energy drinks beat standard coffee in terms of the caffeine they can pack in. Well, the amount of caffeine your body gets from these really depends. Whenever this comes to your mind just take time to check the labels. A can of your preferred energy drink cannot always match up with a sizzling and aromatic cup of coffee.

Last but not the least is about your common workout fact and its relation with coffee. Researchers indicate that caffeine can tell your muscles to not pay attention to fatigue during your normal exercise session. Caffeine also can command your muscles to contract in a different manner. This can easily give you a boost during your trimming and leaning routines.

At times it’s not about just having a simple sip. Let your mind travel and start decoding coffee facts.