Standard Methods For Cancer Treatment. Radiation Therapy Target Tumor Cells With Energy Of Specific Wavelength

4 Standard Methods For Cancer Treatment. Radiation Therapy Target Tumor Cells With Energy Of Specific Wavelength.

Being diagnosed with cancer can be devastating. Even though this is one of the most lethal conditions, there are cancer treatment methods that can be applied successfully. The patient can be completely cured and no reoccurrence might follow. It is worth looking at the four standard medically recognized methods for treating cancer.


Surgery is perhaps the most widely used method for cancer treatment. The doctors remove the tumor and small parts of the surrounding tissue surgically. The procedure is usually not complex when the tumor is in the early stages of development. However, if it has spread over a tissue or an organ, larger parts of it have to be removed. In some cases, the removal of an organ or part of a bodily system is impossible, so other forms of treatment are adopted.


Chemotherapy can be applied on its own or after surgery. The aim of this cancer treatment is the destruction of the rapidly developing tumor cells. It involves the intake of medications. Sometimes the medicines are in the form of pills that you can take on your own. In other cases, the patients take the drugs intravenously. This means that they might have to visit a treatment center regularly.

Chemotherapy affects not only the tumor cells. It affects other fast growing cells, such as the ones in the lining of the stomach and in the hair follicles. That is why patients that undergo this type of treatment often experience gastrointestinal and hair growth problems.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is also a common form of cancer treatment. The tumor cells are targeted with energy with a specific wavelength frequency. This radiation damages the DNA of the tumor cells. In turn, it becomes unable to multiply. The tumor shrinks and eventually disappears. The healthy cells surrounding the tumor ones may be damaged, but they usually recover fully once the treatment is complete.

It is common for radiation therapy to be applied after surgery. It is often combined with chemotherapy as well.

Biologic Therapy

Biologic therapy is perhaps the least popularly known cancer treatment. It involves the use of drugs and other methods designed to target a specific characteristic of the tumor and, in turn, to destroy it. Simply put, the doctors stop the biological processes that allow the tumor to develop. It should be pointed out that biologic therapy can be applied only to certain types of cancer.

Research on cancer and cancer treatment is ongoing. New medications and methods are constantly being invented and tested.