Tie Breaker During Beauty Pageants For Little Girls. What You Can Tell Judges To Come Up With Unified Decision

Tie Breakers During Beauty Pageants For Little Girls. What You Can Tell Judges To Come Up With Unified Decision.

Many judges would agree that dealing with ‘ties’ during beauty pageants for little girls is one of the hardest things to deal with. This is because they feel that both contestants deserve to win because of their individual set of qualities.

However, in contests such as these, only one contestant can emerge as the ultimate winner. And this is one thing that the judges should take into major consideration. In cases of ties, the organizers are forced to enter the scene so there would be a common ground. If you were one of the organizers, here are some of the things that you can tell the judges to come up with a unified decision:

  1. Remind them about the criteria that were already set. Somewhere along the contest, each judge will become biased to a certain contestant because he or she feels that these particular contestant posses unique qualities that makes her deserving for the title. The problem is, other judges think the same way as well. The best way to go about this is to remind the judges to stick to the criteria and eliminate the one who does not measure up to it.
  2. Use the level of intelligence as the key. In most cases, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One contestant might be fairer than the other while other judges think the same way about the other contestants. To break this, use the level of intelligence of the contestants to break the tie. Remind the judges that it would be best to choose the one who has both beauty and brains.
  3. Base the decision of the values of the child. If intelligence is not enough basis take a good look on the attitude of both contestants. If the judges will look closely, they will see the difference between the two in terms of patience and being a sport. If you are the organizer, tell the judges to take out the one who has shorter patience and the one who cannot deal with losing because these are not the qualities that the ultimate winner should possess.
  4. The crowd favorite. Although this should be the last option in breaking ties during beauty pageants for little girls, it can also be used to gauge who has more impact on the audience. The fact that she was able to create such impact means that she might have something that the judges don’t see or won’t choose to acknowledge.