How To Reduce Physical Signs Of Aging? Drinking Water Is Said To Be Best-Kept Anti-Aging Secret.

How To Reduce Physical Signs Of Aging? Drinking Water Is Said To Be Best-Kept Anti-Aging Secret.

There are always physical signs of aging, from weight gain to gray hair and eventually wrinkles. Other signs such as stiffness and frailty cannot be seen so easily, at least until we move. The hair we can take care of easily enough with the plethora of hair colors on the market today. We can have midnight black or brilliant red hair should we desire it, and the colors last from a few days to a few months before we have to do it all again or just touch up the roots.

Unfortunately, wrinkles are harder to deal with. We can have surgery to remove them, but this is costly and not without some risk. All surgery carries a certain degree of risk. If we get onto the problem before it shows up at all, there is a better chance of preventing wrinkles. But often what is not seen is not worried about and young people love to get out in the sun – which causes skin damage leading to wrinkles.

Fortunately, with all the advertising that warns about skin cancer, mothers are more careful in applying sunscreen to their children. It is the teenage years and early adult age that is most at risk. Many times people in these age groups simply choose not to apply sunscreen, and so damage that they cannot even see is done to their skin and will cause wrinkles in later years.

Still, one of the ways we can reduce the sign of aging in our skin is to eat a healthy diet. With a large variety of fruit and vegetables, berries and nuts, the antioxidants needed to fight free radical damage will not be in short supply. If we choose foods that remain in their natural state, then the health benefits increase. A few extra vitamins and minerals will make sure that we are not short on the necessary nutrients.

Drinking water is said to be the best-kept anti-aging secret there is. Water will hydrate the skin and flush out toxins. It helps the skin to remain soft, clear and supple. If we reduce our alcohol intake, we will be healthier and our skin will benefit. We’ve all seen the broken, red capillaries across the nose and cheeks of those who drink to excess. Alcohol also affects the liver, an organ vital in filtering waste from the body.

Cigarettes also contain many substances apart from nicotine that are harmful to the body and cause premature signs of aging. The skin of smokers is often an unhealthy gray color, caused by lack of oxygen. It also impedes natural healing, so that we take much longer to recover from illness. Besides, just think how many outfits you could buy at the end of the month, with the money you spent on cigarettes.

The sun’s rays are also a major cause of skin aging. Staying out of the sun between 10am and 4pm will reduce the damage a great deal. Sunscreen applied regularly will take care of those times you cannot remain indoors.