Tips For Combating Stress And Slowing Aging Process. You Can Learn Techniques To Relax Both Muscles Ligaments.

Tips For Combating Stress And Slowing Aging Process. You Can Learn Techniques To Relax Both Muscles And Ligaments.

It’s a well-known fact that constant stress has an aging effect on the body. It doesn’t take long for those in top government positions to go gray or lose their hair, both signs of aging. Of course stress is not limited to government officials. Most people suffer from stress of some kind during their lifetime. They may have a stressful job, or relationships that become stressful for a variety of reasons. Or they may live in an environment that places stressful demands on their body. Stress can be both physical and emotional/mental.

During stressful times, our bodies form a great deal more than usual of the hormone called Cortisol. In fact this hormone has become known as the stress hormone. It causes changes such as premature aging and middle torso weight gain to occur. So if you see someone with a paunch the cause could be stress rather than over-eating.

Want to stay younger, longer? If we lower our stress levels, not only will we feel happier, but also our bodies will maintain a normal level of Cortisol and thus prevent this cause of aging. It is well worthwhile learning techniques to relax our bodies physically, because this will also help us to combat emotional stress. Eastern mystics have always taught that the body cannot be separated from the mind; now western medics agree.. The two are inextricably interwoven and what affects one will affect the other.

While you can learn specific techniques to relax both muscles and ligaments, listening to soothing music can have the same effect. Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises are also helpful. Moderate exercise is great for easing tense muscles and reducing emotional and mental tension. Our grandparents often pulled weeds from the garden as an antidote to anger or being upset.

If stress is caused by being in demand for every minute of the day, such as when you have young children, then it is necessary – but not easy – to set aside a few minutes each day just for yourself. This time should be filled with happy thoughts, not making a mental list of everything that still needs to be done.

It’s a good idea to start a happiness journal and write down all the things that make you happy each day. Just reading it when you feel down will help you to feel better. If you are stressed out by a heavy workload, whether at work or at home, see if some tasks can be delegated or simply left undone. Making the time to take up a hobby or sport of some kind can also relieve stress.