What Are Rabbit Distress Calls For? They Are Used To Attract Specific Animals To Traps Or Target Sights.

What Are Rabbit Distress Calls For? They Are Used To Attract Specific Animals To Traps Or Target Sights.

Hunting, whether as a sport or a hobby, involves more than just bringing your rifle and backpack. Hunting requires that you master the techniques of attracting your prey, as well as easily spotting it in the wild. You also need to master hunting calls, or game calls. These calls are essential tools for the professional hunter. These are often used to effectively mimic certain animal sounds to attract specific animals to traps or target sights.

Game calls can come as crude handcrafted whistles, or may also come in digital, electronics-laden devices, which offer a number of high-tech perks as well for hunters, photographers, bird watchers and nature lovers.

Game Calling Appeals to The Animal’s Sense of Hearing

Hunting calls are used to attract a wide array of animals. They’re used for hunting deer, elk, moose, beaver, bobcat, fox, raccoon, squirrel, ducks, geese, and other wild animals. But what are the most popular hunting calls? Hunting experts say that the sound of a female animal looking for a mate, or the sounds of a distressed young animal are the most popular. Veteran hunters stress that you simply listen to the sounds you wish to mimic, and once you’re familiar with it, it will be quite easy to copy.

Rabbit Distress Calls

Rabbit distress calls are among the most popular of game calls. These are used to attract predators such as coyotes or bobcats, which often prowl for rabbits and other animals such as squirrels or hares. The proper way to use the rabbit distress call is to use it in sequences. The first call must be around a minute long, and should be quite intense at the start.

The rabbit sound has to be so intense, to make it sound just like an injured rabbit. Once the sequence progresses, the call should become less intense. Once the hunter completes the rabbit distress call sequence, wait for few minutes, then start all over again. However, if you don’t exactly know how to do the rabbit distress call the conventional way, then better use an electronic game caller.

Hunting calls are made to trick animals into thinking that some injured animal is nearby, or a prospective female partner is just around the corner. For example, female deer make specific sounds when they’re hunting for males. Once a hunter imitates that sound, it should be able to attract male deer.