Quail Hunting Calls. Most Quail Calls Are Made Of Heavy Duty Plastic To Ensure Optimum Performance.

Quail Hunting Calls. Most Quail Calls Are Made Of Heavy Duty Plastic To Ensure Optimum Performance.

The concept of quail hunting did not come up until recently. However, this type of hunting has its own set of challenges that every aspiring hunter needs to contend with. And for that, hunters employ a unique set of quail calls to ensure a successful hunting expedition. But before you begin shopping for quail calls you can use during your trip, make sure you learn about the general set of features and other purposes that you can make use of with these accessories.


Most quail calls are made out of heavy duty plastic to ensure optimum performance, regardless of the hunting conditions. There are several unique designs available to adjust to your hunting location. You can produce versatile tones or sounds for attracting a wide range of quail species. Finally, these calls are equipped with ridges on the bodies to provide you with a better grip of the equipment.

How to Use Quail Hunting Calls

Depending on the type of locator call you have purchased, you can utilize the device to produce a wide range of quail calls. Some of the hunting call accessories for quails currently available can produce Top Notch, Bob White, Western, or Valley quail calls. Thus, you can easily attract a wide range of quails during hunt.

In order to produce those sounds, simply blow some air into the hole, while saying out the word ‘White’ strategically. When you begin pronouncing the sounds for ‘WH’, you need to place your index finger onto the hole for cover. Then, slowly release the sound for ‘ITE’.

Electronic Quail Calls

Some experts recommend the use of electronic quail calls over live ones since it works better, much easier to operate, and deliver more efficient results. The mechanisms to an electronic quail call works automatically so that you can easily call quails back to their camp for easy roundup. Within 20 to 30 minutes you can easily call these birds back to camp after them scattering around in the field. This feature has been tested and proven by experts themselves.

The biggest advantage of using an electronic quail call would be the ability to prevent them from dispersing, for a more focused and conditioned quail hunting experience. This is ideal for a successful hunting even when doing this in a non-hunting season.

Price Range

There is currently a wide range of choices for quail hunting calls to choose from in the market. Some offer basic features, while a few others are integrated with advanced technological features to make quail hunting more efficient and successful. Hence, these features are also reflected in their price tag. Basic forms of quail calls are priced at around $12.99, but the electronic quail or bird calls are priced considerably higher, even going up to as high as $195, depending on the features available.