Skin Care For Acne. Protect Your Skin From Sun. Sun Tanning Dry Out Your Skin And Lessen Appearance Of Acne.

Skin Care For Acne. Protect Your Skin From The Sun. Sun Tanning Dry Out Your Skin And Lessen Appearance Of Acne.

If you have a propensity for acne then skin care isn’t just a fanciful thing for you it’s an absolute must! Maintaining healthy skin is the best way to put acne out of your life for good. Protecting your skin from the elements and harsh chemicals and keeping it clean need to be at the top of your list of priorities.

Cleansing Your Skin

Using a very gentle, circular motion wash your face twice daily with a gentle soap or acne skin cleanser with your fingertips. If you don’t want to aggravate the acne, then do not scrub.} Apply the cleanser from neck to hairline after moistening your face with warm water. Pat dry with a soft towel after rinsing using lots of water.

Use an astringent only if you have very oily skin; but, be sure it has no alcohol and use it with care. If your skin becomes irritated stop using it immediately; otherwise only apply it to the oiliest parts of your face. See a dermatologist if you are under the impression you need an astringent.

Keeping your shampoo away from your face, shampoo at minimum twice weekly up to as often as daily.

Protect Your Skin From The Sun

You may like the idea of sun tanning but it will dry out your skin; not to mention it may lessen the appearance of acne but eventually will return with a vengeance. That’s because your skin will get used to the sun and the acne will flare up once again. In the meantime, the risk of skin cancer and premature aging should be enough of a deterrent. Developing sensitivity to light and vulnerability to burning are side effects of some acne medications so take warning. No matter what the weather is like you need sunscreen on your face and any other exposed skin when you are outdoors.

Choose Makeup With Care

If you really want to have good acne skin care you shouldn’t wear any makeup whatsoever. Like that is going to happen! At least select products that indicate they are noncomedogenic which means that they won’t clog the pores. Warning: these products are not a guarantee that some people won’t still get acne. Do not use any makeup that has an oil base. Use everything sparingly and read all labels.


Use whichever type of razors (safety and electric) creates the least irritation to skin and any blemishes. Never use a dull blade in a safety razor; and make sure there is a fresh blade each two or three shaves. If you must, shave around blemishes so you don’t cut any of them. Use warm water and shaving cream before you begin so you are softening the beard as much as you can. It might be a good idea to skip shaving on a particular day if your face is covered with blemishes.

No Touching

Don’t squeeze or pick at pimples! You will only spread bacteria and cause scarring. Refrain from touching your face frequently; your hands carry a lot of germs, dirt and oil.

Acne can be controlled. Medications can help. Take good care of your skin to promote the healing process.